For many British Columbians an investment property, secondary suite or carriage house is an important means for meeting their mortgage payments or accomplishing their retirement goals. However, a tenant who refuses to pay rent or causes damage to your rental unit can jeopardize your investments. It is important for the Landlord to regain possession of their property as quickly as the law will allow. Our firm has assisted numerous Landlords in the eviction of tenants in the following manner:

  • Preparation of a One Month Notice and/or a Ten Day Notice for the End of the Tenancy
  • Preparation of the Landlord’s Application for Dispute Resolution
  • Defending against a Tenant’s Application for Dispute Resolution
  • Gathering the evidence necessary for the Landlord’s claim
  • Attendance at Dispute Resolution Hearings to advocate for the Landlord
  • Enforcement of orders of possession and writs of possession for the eviction of the tenant
  • Enforcement of monetary orders against the tenant
  • Appeals and Judicial Reviews of landlord/tenant decisions

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