All our personal injury cases are taken on an contingency basis – meaning we don’t get paid until you get paid. 

We understand the serious and devastating effects of an accident on your daily life, your family life and your employment and financial situation and we are here to help.

Motor vehicle accidents can dramatically change a person’s life. Everyday tasks become impossible and injured persons may no longer be capable of doing the activities that brought them joy before the accident.

We represent clients who have been injured as a result of the negligence of others.  Such cases involve injuries sustained mostly due to motor vehicle accidents, but also due to other occurrences and mishaps such as slip and fall cases and medical malpractice.  We will explore all the possible avenues available to conclude your case in the best possible way.  Some common methods of resolving a personal injury claim include negotiating a settlement directly with ICBC or other insurance companies or their lawyers, or proceeding to mediation, or trial if necessary.

Home or hospital appointments or evening or weekend appointments are available upon request.

We obtain compensation for injured persons to recover their losses in the following manner:

  • Interviewing witnesses and gathering evidence of the details of the accident
  • Gathering medical records and reports from physicians, physiotherapists and other medical professionals
  • Advocating for our clients and negotiating settlements with insurance representatives
  • Preparing and filing lawsuits to preserve our clients’ claims
  • Representing our clients at court hearings and trials

Being injured in a motor vehicle accident is stressful and it is important to have a legal team that you can depend on.

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